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I would like to paid by cheque? How I do ?

To facilitate all the payment by cheque you can join to your cheque a specimen of the purchase order (available in the stage payment), that will facilitate research and sends it ordered reviews Tout like the payment by chart, your cheque will be output only at the time of the forwarding of your reviews.

Is the adult press sent under discrete fold ?

Yes. We use gray plasticized envelopes

Which are the conditions to have one sends in the 48 hours in normal tariff ?

Except for the old publications of the collections, all the press presented is available in our stocks. To obtain a 48 hours deadline (in Metropolitan France) it is enough to place its order in tariff EXPRESS TRAIN (URGENT) before midday sends It will be carried out then the very same day. If several reviews are ordered and that one among it is missing or defective the parcel will be dispatched all the same. No delivery into urgent saturdays.

My order was dispatched. When will I receive it ?

All our parcels are conveyed in the express train according to the mode of forwarding chosen by the purchaser. The date of forwarding of the parcel is consultable constantly on Internet site. To consult our delivery periods in France, to count 5 working days in normal tariff, if we have the product in stock (I.e. all our articles except encyclopaedias and old numbers). To count between 2 and 3 days for a sending in Metropolitan France.

My order should already have arrived. What to make?

Initially, to check on our site the date of forwarding then in your postal office (Of the logistic problems can occur and the postal office keeps the parcel only one month) then if your order is late indeed, to contact our Service customers in order to obtain an additional help. With this intention, you provide with your number of order, and use our e-mail "contact @ journaux.fr" to point out the anomaly.

Is a plastic film always present?

Because of the manufacturing process, certain articles can reach you without being packed under plastic film. However, we guarantee that the imported articles delivered without plastic film are new and were the subject neither of a preliminary use, nor of a resale.

How can I be warned forthcoming publication of a review ?

It is enough for you to go on the review which interests you then to click on the button ' Prochaines Sorties ' ('Next exit').

How does journaux.fr renew its stocks ?

The state of our stock can vary considerably from one day to another and consequently, we cannot guarantee that a title will be dispatched immediately. Exceptionally, it can happen that a title in stock at the time of the order is exhausted at the time of the preparation of the latter.
The orders in waitings are the subject of a new order near the supplier.

We must sometimes wait until one or several of our suppliers informs us about the state of their stock or do ourselves a research. As of reception of the article, we inform you by electronic mail and let us forward to you your order as soon as possible. If we learn that, for an unspecified reason, an article on standby will not be available any more, we will immediately inform you by electronic mail, we will cancel this article of your order and will remove we it our catalogue.

Notice : your credit card is not output qu ' at the time of the forwarding of your order; consequently, no correction is necessary after the cancellation of your order.

If the order is made by cheque, this last will be destroyed on the spot and an E-mail will be expedié to you for confirmation.
If you order an article which is not available any more, we inform you by electronic mail and we cancel this article of your order.
We are not able always to predict if an article in limited quantity is available before receiving your order. Nevertheless, you will never be invoiced for an article before it does not appear in stock and is ready with the sending.

Why reviews have the mention ' dvd' whereas nothing is offered with ?

Attention certain titles have in their denomination of ambiguities (dvd handled, tele video jacket...) which can induce in error the Net surfer. The latter inevitably do not include a magnetic or numerical medium with the magazine. Not to be mistaken, it is enough for you to check the line ' more produit'.Attention certain titles have in their denomination of ambiguities (dvd handled, tele video jacket...) which can induce in error the Net surfer. The latter inevitably do not include a magnetic or numerical medium with the magazine. Not to be mistaken, it is enough for you to check the line ' more produit'.

How to use the search engine as well as possible?

Although it is not necessary to spell the name in entirety, silk as precise as possible and especially with simplest. If research does not produce any result, enters less letters or tests another orthography or in the singular. If you do not manage to find a review, use only the first letters of the title in order to extend your research.

How functions the orders in Prepayment?

The Prepayment enables you "to hold" the next desired numbers of magazines/miniatures. It does not remain you any more that to await the publication of the latter and we send them to you. For each article you will have of course to pay the carriage costs of sending.

Of what does consist "L'envoie différé" the differed sending ?

Your order is prepared normally but will be sent only with the next one in order to reduce the expenses of sending.
To note: This service is especially interesting for the miniature vehicles or the figurines. To receive these differed orders, it will be enough for you to place the last without notching the case "A envoyer avec ma prochaine commande" ("To send with my next order") However, if we do not have new orders of your share during the 5 or 6 weeks, we will send them to you in the state in order to avoid you too long waiting.
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